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Q: Can I advertise on your website?

Yes, we offer a variety of different ad-space on the site ranging from banner ads to sponsored articles to telegram channel announcements.

These are all clearly designated as ads but if you are interested contact us on any platform and we will get back to you and send our advertising package.

Q: How do you make money?

We are primarily ad-supported but currently this does not pay fully the bills and much of the project is self-funded and any help towards this is much appreciated whether that be in the form of buying ad space, sharing to social media or donating crypto to the addresses at the bottom of the site (please let us know if you do ❤️)

Q: Are you planning an ICO?

This is definitely a possibility in the future but for now, we are focusing on providing quality and accessible crypto news to the world! (it is in the pipeline though ? so stay tuned)

Q: How I can help?

We're looking for developers, designers, copywriters, data analysts, community managers and other talent to join our team all the time.

At CryptoAnalyst we don’t care about your age, sex, where you live or anything like that. All that matters to us is what you can offer to the team and establishing good relationships.

If you like what we are doing and want to work with us please feel free to contact us on any platform :)