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CryptoTrading Lingo

Readers often ask us about the range of cryptocurrency trading lingo and acronyms used in the space and whilst we try to use these as minimally as possible we thought you might find this crypto trading acronym guide by @coinGuyBri, useful to help you decode crypto messages you read around the web acting as a guide or dictionary for crypto acronyms.

ASHDRAKED = Lost all your money

BEAR/BEARISH = Price negative

BULL/BULLISH = Price positive

DYOR = Do Your Own Research

FOMO = Fear Of Missing Out

FUD = Fear Uncertainty & Doubt

HODL = Holding a position

JOMO = Joy Of Missing Out

LONG = Margin bull position

MOON = Price will explode up

OTC = Over The Counter (trade that happens off-exchange)

SAJ CANDLE = Huge green candle

SHORT = Margin bear position

REKT = Had a bad loss

REVERSE INDICATOR = Someone who is always wrong predicting price movements.

RIBL = Rolling in Bitcoins laughing (coined by @coinyeezy)

WHALE INVESTOR = Big money crypto players that show their hand in the crypto market

Contact us if you see any glaring omissions ? @cryptoanalystco

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