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Samsung Looking To Launch Cryptocurrency Wallet In The United Kingdom

Cryptocurrency markets are still experiencing a heavy bear trend, even as the new year has begun and it does not look like it will stop anytime soon. However, digital currencies are still very much talked about and are constantly gaining popularity among investors, economists, and the tech industry as a whole. Innovation in the world of crypto is constantly moving forward as companies find new use cases for the decentralized currencies and for the blockchain technology in itself.

Moreover, very large firms in tech and in finance are continuing to show interest in cryptos. This is what happened again with electronics and tech powerhouse Samsung, who has reportedly been looking to obtain a trademark for a cryptocurrency wallet in the United Kingdom. This information comes after a filing has been made by the South Korean firm to the U.K. Intellectual Property office. In the filing, it was possible to read that they want to build “Computer software for use as a cryptocurrency wallet. Computer software for cryptocurrency transfer and payment using blockchain technology.” and more.

It is not the first time that Samsung has shown interest in the blockchain technology and in electronic payments with cryptocurrencies. This trademark application raises a lot of questions among the tech and crypto enthusiasts. It will be interesting to see how the company implements their wallet. We can assume it will be readily available on their devices and that it will allow customers to store, receive and send cryptocurrencies on the go from their Android-equipped smartphones. Does it mean that Samsung is now ready to enter the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry? Will it lead to other competitors such as Microsoft or Apple following in their footsteps and launch similar services?

TLDR: Electronics giant Samsung is looking to obtain trademark and launch its own cryptocurrency wallet in the United Kingdom.


Zachary Gian is a cryptocurrency news writer and editor from Paris, France. He has always been passionate about technology and innovation since a young age, and loves to share his passion with others. He firmly believes in the blockchain and in digital currencies and is enthusiastic about their development.

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