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Invest, Trade, Exchange Real-World Assets Using Cryptocurrencies – Meet DSTOQ

Today, the team at CryptoAnalyst has secured an exclusive interview with the brains behind the promising exchange DSTOQ.

First off, though, let’s bring you up to speed on what this exciting project is all about.

What is DSTOQ?

DSTOQ is a new type of exchange that enables its users to trade and exchange “tokenized securities” like never before. On the platform, users can purchase regular stocks, equities, bonds, and even oil and gold. The strength of the product is that users can invest and trade without ever leaving the crypto space or the “token economy”. The fact that these securities are accessible in a tokenized way is unprecedented. With its proprietary token DSQ, the real-world assets go through a “tokenization process” to allow users to own these assets in the form of tokens on the blockchain. The platform is secure and it allows users to control their own finances and investments thanks to their private key. The transactions, orders, and trades all occur in a decentralized fashion on the Stellar blockchain. Moreover, users can easily trade real-world assets, such as gold or oil, via the blockchain in a peer-to-peer way. DSTOQ is the first exchange of its kind and a pioneer in the crypto space. We, at CryptoAnalyst, truly believe that it has the potential to revolutionize the industry and make the tokenization of securities a reality.  

Here at CryptoAnalyst, we are proud to bring you an exclusive interview with DSTOQ’s Craig Mc Gregor.

Exclusive Interview

1) Could you tell us a little bit more about DSTOQ, and why is it a revolution in the world of exchanges and securities?

Thanks for having us on Cryptoanalyst, in short, DSTOQ is a fully licensed stock exchange which allows users to trade cryptocurrency for tokenized assets such as stocks, bonds, equities, and gold. We are revolutionary as an exchange as we have been granted the first Stock Exchange Licence in the world that enables security tokenization and cryptocurrency trading.

In the world of securities trading transactions are usually slow and complex, by using ’ blockchain technology we are able to offer peer-to-peer trading of security tokens with trade execution and settlement times between 2-5 seconds, making DSTOQ up to 100,000 times faster than traditional stock exchanges, where settlements usually take 2-5 days.

2) Which types of people do you believe will buy stocks with their cryptocurrency?

In the short term, we expect cryptocurrency traders to use DSTOQ to balance their portfolio with less volatile assets. People in blockchain industry are all early-adaptors by nature so they’re the perfect target audience as initial customers, and to them we deliver the exact type of the product they’re looking for – a global trading platform for security tokens. In the medium term, we‘ll target customers and institutions from the traditional financial world who currently pay extremely high fees to trade cross-borders and for whom we greatly reduce the cost and friction of trading through our use of blockchain as an underlying technology. In either case, we use blockchain technology to create an efficient global marketplace in which we constantly optimize the user experience.

3) Could you tell us a bit more about the DSQ token and how to use it?

According to written confirmation of the Liechtenstein Financial Market Regulators “FMA”, the DSQ token does not constitute a security in any form. Therefore it qualifies as a utility token, or more precisely a payment token.

The DSQ token is a payment token that will be the digital referential token of our global Platform against which all other security tokens are priced. To compare this to traditional financial markets, the DSQ token forms the role of a base currency, which makes it the primary currency of the DSTOQ platform.

All fees are automatically charged in DSQ. In conjunction to discounts on fees being available through staking, we also offer a referral programme and fee rebate programme to incentivize adding new users to the platform.

4) Where do you see DSTOQ being in 5 years?

Thinking 5 years into the future in crypto is tough, but ultimately we seek to make capital markets more accessible to as many individuals on the planet as possible through leveraging blockchain technology. By removing intermediaries who often create artificial barriers we want to enable everyone to participate in economic growth, especially those people in emerging markets.

Global markets are currently designed in an unequal manner that does not afford the same opportunities to every investor or every entrepreneur. The main reasons for this inequality are: unequal access to funding; and economic policies in certain jurisdictions that limit flows of money. By creating a borderless stock exchange we will solve these issues.

5) How do you differentiate yourselves from other existing exchanges?

As mentioned previously DSTOQ is the world’s first fully government-regulated platform that is lawfully permitted to issue real world assets in a tokenized form, using blockchain technology. This is a huge edge for us, as we are set to launch to the market and offer tokenized securities before any of our competitors – many of whom are unlicensed and have a lack of understanding of what it takes to create a global platform for trading of security tokens. There are many existing exchanges making big, and in my opinion, false claims about their capabilities. Ultimately we’re going to differentiate ourselves through our product and our actions, not our claims.

6) What are the next big steps for DSTOQ?

We are continuing to grow our team and build out our product. Our core focus is on delivering the DSTOQ security token trading platform. In the coming weeks, we are announcing some key partnerships which will enable us to launch with a strong variety of liquid assets for investment. You can keep up to date with and ask any questions directly to our team in the telegram group:

We would like to thank Craig Mc Gregor who accepted to do an interview with us!

Users can learn more about DSTOQ on their website:


Zachary Gian is a cryptocurrency news writer and editor from Paris, France. He has always been passionate about technology and innovation since a young age, and loves to share his passion with others. He firmly believes in the blockchain and in digital currencies and is enthusiastic about their development.

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