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ARAW Token – Meet The Future of E-Commerce And Payments

The cryptocurrency and blockchain spaces have been growing exponentially over the last few years and thousands of companies and start-ups have been innovating through the blockchain. These companies have created tokens, which all have different purposes. Some tokens have a specific business application, while others just represent equity. Most companies in the industry have very similar visions and projects, but occasionally some really stand out and show huge potential. This is the case with ARAW. This company is creating the ARAW Token Ecosystem, a fully featured platform revolving around a utility based token that aims to disrupt the global E-Commerce marketplace and payments industry. In this article, we will present the ARAW Token Ecosystem and explain why it is the future of E-Commerce and Payments.  

What is ARAW?

ARAW is an ecosystem, composed of multiple parts, that aims to bring solutions to disrupt the E-Commerce and Payments industry. ARAW is not simply just a token, it’s much more than that. It is a decentralized E-Commerce and Payment platform that is powered by the Ethereum Blockchain. It has multiple features that aim to enhance the online and retail shopping experience for consumers, as well as improve the way merchants operate and carry out business transactions. Thanks to the ARAW token, the ecosystem offers a lot of benefits and improvements to the existing E-Commerce industry. The ARAW Token Ecosystem can be described as an all-in-one system for merchants and consumers. We will now go over every aspect of the ARAW Token Ecosystem.  

One of the key “components” of the ARAW Token Ecosystem is its mobile application. On the application lies an E-Commerce Marketplace where customers can shop digitally using the ARAW token. Moreover, the mobile application provides a cryptocurrency wallet for multiple coins and tokens, as well as fiat currencies. This includes the ARAW token, BTC, ETH, and USD. There is also a digital currency exchange built into the mobile application, which lets users exchange cryptocurrencies to other cryptocurrencies and to fiat and vice versa. Another strong feature is the Banking System Integration on the app, which allows users to top-up using bank accounts and to obtain cashback on the ARAW tokens. Furthermore, the peer-to-peer feature allows users to send and receive ARAW tokens between friends and family, making it really easy to transfer value via the blockchain.

Customers will also be able to shop in physical retail stores using the ARAW Touch & Pay Card. The way it will work is very simple: users of the ARAW mobile application will have ARAW tokens in their wallet that they will be able to use to make micropayments at stores, coffee shops, supermarkets and even on usual online shopping platforms. This will allow the cryptocurrency to be used in “real life”, through the ARAW card. To increase the merchant adoption rate, the ecosystem introduced ARAW Pay, which allows merchants to accept online payments with the ARAW token. It is really easy to set up and is a reliable way to receive payments for customer transactions.  

Lastly, users who actively participate on the platform will be rewarded in ARAW tokens, redeemable on the marketplace or online at merchants that accept ARAW cryptocurrency as a payment.

Why it is the future of E-Commerce and Payments

The ARAW Token Ecosystem is the first of its kind. With cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology taking off in the recent years, many innovations have seen the light of day but none were as complete as the ARAW Token Ecosystem. It has the potential to disrupt a whole industry in one of E-Commerce and Payments. This is the case because it provides end-to-end solutions for this industry that is almost begging for change and modernization. With its Open API and its Plug & Play E-Commerce platform, the ARAW Ecosystem is really easy to adopt for other large enterprises, and it makes it effortless for merchants around the world to build their own E-Commerce platform, which in turn will drastically improve revenue. The ARAW Ecosystem is truly the future of E-Commerce and Payments, and we at CryptoAnalyst simply cannot wait to see how the project evolves in the next few years.


ARAW’s roadmap is very busy and extremely ambitious. The idea of ARAW was born in Q1 of 2016 and has rapidly developed into what it is now. A few of the biggest milestones to date were the creation of ARAW UK Ltd. headquartered in London, UK and the launch of the iOS and Android apps on respective app stores. In addition to the token airdrop and the upcoming ICO, the company has big plans for the future. It plans to introduce ARAW Smart Contract and Liquidity Contract in Q2 of 2018. Furthermore, ARAW is hoping for USA and Asia expansion in 2020.

Rapid Growth and Impressive Statistics

ARAW has seen very rapid and exponential growth over the past couple of months. The company has shown very impressive numbers and statistics. The platform currently has users from 170 countries, in 4808 cities. These users have a combined 180 different languages spoken. ARAW is truly a global ecosystem. In addition, their social media presence is growing at a fast pace. Currently, they amount no less than 35,000 Twitter followers as well as 40,000 members on their Telegram chat, which they use to make announcements and spread various news. Furthermore, the platform and the ecosystem have already been praised in a lot of YouTube reviews.

Airdrop and ICO

ARAW is currently having an airdrop, giving away 500 ARAW tokens to those who signup. The tokens are then sent to an ERC20 compatible ETH Wallet Address. A system of referral bonuses is also in place where users can earn 250 ARAW tokens for each successful referrals.

The ARAW token ICO will take place on July 1st. The token is KYC approved and the team is working closely with exchanges to list the token after the crowdsale.

Full Disclosure: CryptoAnalyst’s CEO is an advisor to the ICO. 

TLDR:The ARAW Token Ecosystem offers end-to-end, decentralized solutions for the E-Commerce and Payments industry. It offers a lot of benefits to merchants and consumers through the use of the ARAW cryptocurrency. The platform is powered by the Ethereum Blockchain. The pre-sale start date is set for July 1st.


Zachary Gian is a cryptocurrency news writer and editor from Paris, France. He has always been passionate about technology and innovation since a young age, and loves to share his passion with others. He firmly believes in the blockchain and in digital currencies and is enthusiastic about their development.

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