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Future Crypto Graduates? University In Brazil Launches Cryptocurrency Masters Program

The world is slowly becoming aware of cryptocurrencies and individuals are getting interested in the underlying blockchain technology and in the space in general. The popular interest in crypto has increased over the past months. This is very visible in the media for example, where bitcoin and other currencies such as ethereum and litecoin are discussed at length. It is also noticeable in global politics, as government officials are constantly looking for ways to approach and regulate the new industry. However, education on the subject of cryptocurrencies is still lacking – but the future is bright.

In São Paulo, Brazil, the university Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV) has introduced a new course that will focus on the cryptocurrency space and markets. The course aims to educate students on the new technology, the blockchain, cryptocurrencies and finance in general. The term “cryptofinance” is also being mentioned by the university and by professors.

Further explanation regarding the purpose and objectives of the program was given by course coordinator Ricardo Rochman, who stated: “It is a market with a profound lack of people with expertise. Cryptofinance has economic and financial fundamentals that are worth discussing, researching, and [being] taught.”

The Brazilian university is not the first one to offer classes and programs teaching digital currencies and the blockchain. Popular and renowned universities like Stanford, Princeton, Duke or NYU are already doing so, which is very promising for the future.

As the university FGV and many other universities around the world take these steps favoring knowledge and expertise on digital currencies through education, one can only ask: when are other prestigious universities across the world, like Harvard, Cambridge or Oxford going to launch similar programs focused on the blockchain technology, cryptofinance, investment and decentralization?

TLDR: A university in Brazil is now offering a masters on cryptocurrency and finance. It joins a select few universities that are starting to discuss the blockchain technology and digital currencies and looking to provide educational resources and expertise on the subject.


Zachary Gian is a cryptocurrency news writer and editor from Paris, France. He has always been passionate about technology and innovation since a young age, and loves to share his passion with others. He firmly believes in the blockchain and in digital currencies and is enthusiastic about their development.

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