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Meet Superbloom, A Revolutionary Exchange for Major Cryptocurrencies And ICOs

Today, the team at CryptoAnalyst has secured an exclusive interview with the brains behind the promising new exchange Superbloom.

First off, though, let’s bring you up to speed on what this exciting project is all about.

What is Superbloom?

Superbloom is a new global platform and exchange that allows the purchasing and selling of popular and emerging coins and tokens. It gives the fairest deals to its users through the use of smart contracts. Superbloom aims to revolutionize the way investors place their funds in the crypto markets, by streamlining the funding process and carefully vetting ICOs in order to select the ones that yield the most opportunities. This is done by establishing a trusted and secure network on the platform. According to the platform’s website, the exchange “brings together engaged buyers, smart tokens and trustworthy syndicates using smart contracts to ensure transparent and fair deals.” Superbloom has also a lot of other features that will be presented now.

Superbloom features

  • Superbloom has an access token called SEED, which will be used to grow the Superbloom network and the whole blockchain. By purchasing and using SEED on the platform, investors will have priority access to ICO tokens and various transaction sizes. SEED is an ERC-20 token that will also give investors a Superbloom membership. The tokens will be valued at $0.10 in the first quarter of 2018 pre-sale and the price will fluctuate depending on supply and demand of the token. On the platform, members will be able to vote on projects deemed worthy of funding and if a company is approved, they will have access to a pre-sale of the ICO tokens.
  • SEED tokens also provide rewards to members such as proprietary analysis and research, conference and event tickets and more in the future. That means that by holding SEED tokens, members will be actively part of the platform and will receive benefits. Moreover, by holding SEED tokens, investors will pay zero fees on transactions.
  • Furthermore, Superbloom offers a great portfolio and cryptocurrency management platform for all of its users. The exchange will display beautiful charts as well as balances, profit, and gains. The platform will accept BTC, ETH and USD deposits. With Superbloom, it becomes easy to reserve tokens and securely track and manage them in one place.
  • Superbloom puts a lot of emphasis on security and privacy. Tokens and funds are safe on the platform. The company also fulfills all necessary KYC/AML requirements, which makes users and companies safe when trading and launching ICOs.

The team at Superbloom

In addition to having an amazing product, Superbloom has an incredible team of professionals dedicated to innovation and aiming to change the way cryptocurrency exchanges and ICOs work. The team behind a project is always a good indicator of its success. At Superbloom, every team member has an impressive background and a thorough skill set.


We can confirm at Cryptoanalyst that this project will be extremely well run and very successful!

TLDR: Superbloom is a new cryptocurrency exchange that allows investors to purchase tokens and invest in new, promising ICOs. The platform will offer its own SEED token and promises a lot of benefits for its members. 

Exclusive interview

Here at Cryptoanalyst, we are proud to bring you an exclusive interview of Superbloom’s Co-Founder Emmie Chang.

1) Could you tell us a little bit more about Superbloom, and why is it a revolution in the world of exchanges? What are you bringing to the table that others don’t have? What is the main differentiator and strongest points?

Superbloom helps users buy, sell and manage cryptocurrency tokens, starting with ICO pre-sales. We combine expert analysis on ICOs with intelligence from syndicate leaders. Users can then gain access to these deals through our platform, and store their tokens in a secure multi asset-wallet.

2) Where do you see Superbloom being in 5 years?

That’s almost a lifetime in crypto, so it’s hard to predict! We are confident in our ability to deliver on our roadmap and aim to become a leading exchange in the next few years.

3) Superbloom is based around ICOs, are you concerned at all about the regulations targeting ICOs and exchanges at the moment?

We have a very good understanding of current regulations and a best-in-class legal team. We know that regulation is coming and are well prepared for every eventuality.

4) Superbloom is using the Stellar public blockchain platform, why Stellar and not Ethereum?

Stellar are partners of ours and we believe that their blockchain solution is best suited to the platform we want to create over the long term. Our own token, SEED, is an ERC20 token so we are still using the Ethereum blockchain.

5) What proprietary aspect of the Superbloom service are you most excited about? Something that competitors wish they could emulate but can’t?

Early feedback on our syndicate tools has been very encouraging. I think it’s because ICO investors are becoming more and more sophisticated, however there are not many tools for syndicates on the market which help them manage investments in a transparent way. We have a few huge syndicate leaders on board already and can’t wait to release this feature to the market.

We would like to thank Emmie Chang who accepted to do an interview with us!

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Zachary Gian is a cryptocurrency news writer and editor from Paris, France. He has always been passionate about technology and innovation since a young age, and loves to share his passion with others. He firmly believes in the blockchain and in digital currencies and is enthusiastic about their development.

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