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The CRYPTO20 ICO’s Live: Hold 20 Cryptocurrencies With A Single Token

With so many cryptocurrencies and so many wallet clients to contend with, crypto investors who are interested in diversifying their cryptocoin portfolios oftentimes experience headache after headache.

This early on in the space, the brave new world of digital assets certainly isn’t the most user-friendly to navigate.

That’s why the CRYPTO20 ICO is here—to release a tokenized cryptocurrency index fund that’ll let you invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and much more with the ease that it takes to hold just a single type of token.

The problem CRYPTO20 solves: letting users diversify crypto holdings with unprecedented ease

Indeed, diversifying in crypto can be a labyrinthine task for both novices and veterans alike. Shy of holding investments in a hardware wallet or exchange, many users have to contend with a disorganized slew of wallets that can get downright chaotic.

Mainstream users who are interested in crypto but haven’t passed the learning curve certainly won’t want to go through the trouble of simultaneously opening up a Bitcoin wallet, an Ethereum wallet, a Lisk wallet, and so forth.

Investing in a wide array of cryptos will need to become easy in order for the space to really take off and start exploding in overall market capitalization.

CRYPTO20 is the streamlined cryptocurrency index fund that can foster this take off, offering the solution of instant, user-friendly crypto diversification.

CRYPTO20’s mission: become the first-mover, premier crypto index fund

Using an index strategy and a hybrid portfolio, CRYPTO20 will be the first tokenized cryptocurrency index fund in the world. The project aims to leverage this first-mover status with consummate service in order to become the dominant crypto index fund for years to come.

The project’s index strategy will involve using a weighted portfolio comprised of the top 20 cryptos per market cap. Cryptocoins will be capped from exceeding 10% of the portfolio and the top 20 cryptos will be updated every 7 days to ensure stability.

Courtesy of top-notch data science, the CRYPTO20 index fund will attractively and consistently mitigate the risks that have as yet been inherent to cryptocurrencies’ volatility.

In the future, droves of investors may meta-invest in cryptocurrencies because CRYPTO20 makes doing so uniquely easy.


Indeed, why have 2 or 3 cryptocurrencies when you can have 20, as the CRYTPO20 team light-heartedly suggests in their whitepaper with an apt quote from index-fund creator John C. Bogle:

”Don’t look for the needle in the haystack. Just buy the haystack!”

Specs of the project

The team’s ICO is ongoing, running from October 16th until November 30th.

The total supply cap of CRYPTO20 tokens (C20) will be 86,206,896, with 75,000,000 of these tokens being available during the ICO.

Protocol: ERC-20

Token rate without bonus: 1 C20 = $1.10

Emission rate: 0 new tokens to be minted post-ICO

ICO fund use: 2% towards operations; 98% toward buying top 20 digital assets

Planned C20 token distribution.

Register for the ICO here if you’d like to snag a few (or a lot) while they’re cheap.

Why CRYPTO20’s so attractive

If you invested $5,000 into C20 back on June 1, 2016, you’d have approximately $139k now—an astounding 2600% gain. Dump the same into Bitcoin back then, and you’d have 680% gains. Not bad, yet nowhere near as good.

That’s the all-in-one power CRYPTO20 brings to the table.

There’s no need to slave over trying to discover the inscrutable: which top 20 crypto is going to do best on any given day. CRYPTO20 takes care of that for you, making it so you only need 1 wallet with 1 type of token to get the best of all worlds.

Also, with 98% of the funds raised during the team’s ICO going to go toward the project’s initial top 20 coin acquisition, there’s no fluff or fat being greedily skimmed off the top like other notable token projects in the space have been prone to doing.

No contribution minimums with C20. No advice fees, no exit fees. Just the 20 best cryptos working for you, easily, 24/7.

Very cool project, we say.

TLDR: CRYPTO20 is the world’s first tokenized cryptocurrency index fund—they’re paving the way for users to hold a portfolio of 20 promising cryptos with one token. 

William M. Peaster is a cryptocurrency journalist and copy-editor based out of El Paso, Texas. He's an avid fan of Ethereum, ERC-20 tokens, and smart contracts in general.

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