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Dogezer: Brief Summary and Exclusive Interview With Creator

The Dogezer team will be running an “ITO” in January 2018 (Initial Token Offering).

Today, CryptoAnalyst has secured an interview with Dogezer’s wiz founder Alexander Kozlov, but to begin, we’ll summarize Dogezer’s raison d’etre.

What’s Dogezer all about?

Think about Dogezer as a virtual collaboration suite extraordinaire.

Specifically, the project is billed as an ecosystem to facilitate virtual software development companies’ operations, but the ecosystem should work great for any team structure in theory.

Innovative, too, is the platform’s usage model; team members themselves become investors in their own products by investing their labor in exchange for ownership tokens.

Per the project’s “How?” page:

“Dogezer will open an opportunity for individual contributors to invest their labor into one or multiple products they believe in, [taking] an active role in ensuring the project’s success and enjoy the rewards matching their contribution.”

Coin specs

DGZ is the associated token of the Dogezer platform.

There are 100,000,000 total DGZ tokens created, and 98,000,000 of these tokens will be available for purchasing during the upcoming ITO. The rate will be approximately $1 USD for 1 DGZ token.

The leftover 2,000,000 DGZ tokens will be set aside for promotional campaigns, such as bounty tasks.

0.5% of DGZ tokens will be set aside for Dogezer’s developers.

Moreover, any tokens not bought up during the ITO will be burned.

How’s it work?

To utilize the platform you’ll:

  • Formulate your idea
  • Create your project hub on the platform
  • Pay your team to work with an assigned token
  • Facilitate product sales
  • Use generated revenues to buyback tokens from your team
  • Voila! You’re running a company


Where can I read more?

Find the project’swhitepaper here.

Find the project’s briefer onepagers here.

TLDR: The Dogezer platform is set to be an incredible platform for collaborators to invest in the innovative products they’re working on in the crypto space. 

With the summary out of the way, let’s turn to CryptoAnalyst’s exclusive interview with Dogezer founder Alexander Kozlov.








So glad you’ve accepted our offer to answer some questions Alexander, thank you very much for being with us. Let’s begin:

1) What was the inspiration for the Dogezer platform?

(AK): My friends and I who started Dogezer were discussing different projects that we would like to create/make. But then we realized that there is no way we can manage to implement all the ideas by just ourselves, so we were in desperate need of a place where you can put the idea out and find people, who believe in the idea and are willing to work for it. That is how we came up with the Dogezer platform, which we by the way are also planning to use for different our projects.

2) In Dogezer’s onepager, it says the Dogezer platform can be “used by traditional companies to replace a plethora tools they are currently using.” How disruptive do you think the Dogezer project can be?

(AK): I believe it can be helpful in many ways. Firstly, we have all the tools in one place. And I mean not only software development, but all the different kinds for all the needs. Secondly, it would be easier to pay the extended team because all the actions with tokens would be in one place with one currency – responsible for which is the project owner only. Lastly, the communication between the team members is also on the platform, which makes it much easier for all the parties.

3) The “Your team is your investor” is a very interesting concept. Do you see it as the crowdsourcing companies, specifically software development companies, instead of money?

(AK): The main idea is to put the effort and labor in the project instead of your own money. That would be more helpful and useful for single project owners other than companies as they probably do not have the ability to pay for all the services beforehand with their own money. But companies would also benefit from the use of the platform in such a way, that they will be able to find the right people with the right qualifications to do the job.

4) Do you see Dogezer as having any utility beyond facilitating virtual software development companies?

(AK): Again, as in the previous question, it would be used not only by the software development companies but by anyone who has the interesting idea for a project. And as for the companies our services are less expensive as the payment system is a bit different from the competitors’.

5) What’s your favorite aspect about this platform?

(AK): As I have created the platform, I like it all ? but Dogezer@Dogezer is probably my most favorite part. You can read more about it in the WhitePaper, but in a few words, it’s a solution that allows all the users of the platform to change, renovate and improve the platform in exchange to the share in Dogezer revenue. That is how we will be always communicating with the community using the platform and be flexible for all the needs.

William M. Peaster is a cryptocurrency journalist and copy-editor based out of El Paso, Texas. He's an avid fan of Ethereum, ERC-20 tokens, and smart contracts in general.

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